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«Bushnews von Sabine Baumann»

Bushnews von Sabine Baumann
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The country has a good infrastructure. Tourism is a very fast growing Industry in Zimbabwe and it boasts a very high standard of Wildlife Management and Conservation.

There are very large wildlife areas that have been created in order for wildlife to be able to resume historical movement and migration patterns. The local Communities that border these wildlife areas are involved in managing their natural resources.

Steps have been taken to create the linking of National Parks to make a continuous stretch of protected land across international borders.

Straddling the borders of Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa is the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park which includes The Gonarezhou National Park (Zimbabwe), The Limpopo Park (Mozambique) and Kruger National Park (South Africa). This potentially measures a staggering 100,000 square Kilometres – one of the largest conservation areas in the world.

These free roaming areas for wildlife attracts ...

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